Solar Training At-A-Glance MENTORSHIP/TRAINING

We partner with Boy 2 Men non-profit, an Atlanta-based non-profit, dedicated to mentoring young men and training in solar installation.
For more information about Boys 2 Men, please visit their website at

Solar Training Courses

This 2-day entry-level workshop will provide the basics of residential solar installation.
The course also teaches how to use solar in a number of real world applications to generate electricity.

For example : Our students are required to connect a small solar panel to a battery and an inverter. They learn you can power almost anything with this simple set up.

The format for this class will be lecture, discussion and some hands-on.

Course Topics

  • Basics of electricity
  • The nuts and bolts of solar components
  • Simple ways to save money by improving energy efficiency
  • Determining ideal system size based on equipment costs, incentives/rebates, and grid utility rates



Solar Training Explosion – Learn Today!

Program Information Coming Soon

  • Intro to Photovoltaics
  • Design and Installation